Good Reading

Strengthening the nation’s defenses against hackers: This article by CBS gives a down-to-earth explanation of modern cyber threats and how America is frankly undermanned when it comes to defending against these threats. It also touches on the amazing success educational programs like Cyberpatriot have when it comes to inspiring and building valuable experts to fill these needs.

Kids can’t use computers… and this is why is should worry you: This is a powerful and disturbing opinion piece on the technical education (or lack thereof) we provide children. I’ve linked to it before but it really deserves a permanent spot here. It calls out and dispels the non-technical public’s misconception their kids are becoming technically competent while highlighting all the potential drive and motivation that parents and educators waste in this illusion.

The 7 Best Social Engineering Attacks Ever:  The is a sort and to-the-point list of great social engineering attacks. In social engineering, a human link is the target of an attack and these go to show that that link is often the weakest in any organization. Uneducated users are prime targets and this article show how, by being uneducated, you become a liability not only to yourself but to your friends and employers too.

No-Tech Hacking: It’s not technically text but Johnny Long’s famous talk is both entertaining and eye opening. Basically the name describes the whole thing — hacking without technology. This isn’t lifehacks though, this humorously shows how you don’t have to be an expert to be security conscious while firing through examples of those who are not. An eye for detail and the right mental attitude is all it takes. It’s about an hour long but I would recommend it to anyone.

Ghost in the Wires: Kevin Mitnick, one of the most noteworthy hackers of all time, brings the world of hacker culture and social engineering front and center with this incredibly engaging autobiography. He can make even the most mundane subjects interesting and this book is filled with little that is mundane. This is a great introduction to the hacker mentality for the non-technical and the entertainment value alone is worth anyone’s time.


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